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Marie Alkesmusa AvatarMarie Alkesmusa
Very hard working workers
Marvin Alkesmusa AvatarMarvin Alkesmusa
It is very good
Maryana Yonan AvatarMaryana Yonan
I wholeheartedly recommend hosanna community care to all my friends and family. My favourite thing about them is their exceptional customer service and the ability of engaging with their clients in a professional matter that suits everyone. If you’re looking for a trust worthy community centre then look no further, one of the best.
Caroline Gorgis AvatarCaroline Gorgis
Highly professional and detailed team, the services they provide are exceptional . I have been with the Hosanna Community Care for over a year and i Highly recommend them. Thank you Hosanna Community Care team for all the amazing work you do.
amanda at Avataramanda at
Great staff and wonderful care. Consistently going above and beyond to ensure a smooth and positive experience where you feel welcomed and at home every-time you attend their facility. With their dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals providing excellent care you can rest assured that your loved ones are in safe hands. Definitely one of the best in business out there.
Helen Gorgis AvatarHelen Gorgis
Hosanna Community care has been my personal favourite care givers so far! Staff are always friendly and happy to help with top level attention to details and needs, keep up the great work guys.
Michael Ruzk AvatarMichael Ruzk
اني كسبورت وركه اشتغل همه كلش زنين وبروفشنل بالعمل بس بصراحة كلش متطلباتهم والكورسات الي يريدوها هوايا يعني يستخدمون App ويستخدمون دفتر التايم شت بنفس الوقت، يعني شوي مطوخيها
marvin allous Avatarmarvin allous
They have always exceeded my expectations every single time respectfully , always caring, honest, and patient and will go above and beyond with their amazing service every single time.
Aram Soro AvatarAram Soro
I have been very proud and privileged to be part of this team. We take caring for our customers as high priority and we treat every one the same. Thanks
Ehab Hetler AvatarEhab Hetler
The best part of Hosanna Community Care is its great multicultural team. Special "Arkan Baka", who provides support and assistance to his clients and works towards achieving their goals and satisfaction, also gives its stakeholders opportunities to speak their point of view, which is very rare these days. Thank you, Hosanna Community Care for this opportunity. Every day I feel a sense of satisfaction. I am very thankful and proud to be support by Hosanna Community Care. All the best to Hosanna Community Care, together we can.
Jakleen Matti AvatarJakleen Matti
Professional trusted, very friendly team to deal with, thank you for everything highly recommended
Samar Alnawfali AvatarSamar Alnawfali
Honestly, its one of the best ndis and age care providers in the area so far , the team is highly professional and they always organised on time for clients and staff, highly recommended.
Rnan AL-wakel AvatarRnan AL-wakel
One of the best NDIS provider agency in Melbourne 10/10
Dr. MotoGamer AvatarDr. MotoGamer
Best company. Very professional. Experienced staff. I would give more than 5 stars
swaleen abdoka Avatarswaleen abdoka
I’ve been working with them for the last 4 years, it’s absolutely a joy to be part of the team! I love my work with them, Hosanna enables me to do my best and provide my NDIS participates with the support they need. I am so proud to be part of such a prestigious organisation.
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